Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sonny Jay - Optical Illusions 

Sonny Jay’s highly anticipated EP is finally here! Optical Illusions, gives you a first person perspective on what it takes to be an aspiring Hip Hop artist in 2014. Make sure you check out one of the year's most buzzworthy Hip Hop projects!! 

1. My Dreams
2. Before I Go
3. Scream
4. Late Nights/Early Mornings
5. Stressin' (Interlude)
6. Blood Thirsty
7. Whispers (ft. E.L.I.)
8. Out of Time
9. The Background
10. Wanna Be 

Music Credits:
Executive Produced by Sonny Jay & Brice Barker 
Mixing & Mastering by Sonny Jay & Brice Barker
All Music Production by Sonny Jay
Additional Live Guitar by Marcos Martinez
Official Artwork by Brice Barker  

Stream Below:


Friday, May 1, 2015

Sonny Jay - Out Of Time

"Out of Time" is Sonny Jay's first single from his EP, Optical Illusions. Check it out below:

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Music Video Coming Real Soon...

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